My transformation from my own personal mud puddle

Ladies I have a story for you so please keep reading because I have quite an amazing one to share. I know you are busy but it'll be worth the 3 minutes I promise弘

I have always been the wholesome, quiet, "kind" girl. Don't be too loud. Don't say too much. NEVER disagree because "what will people think"?

I spent YEARS trying to prove that I
was worthy of anyone's love
measured up to society's expectations
was worth anyone's time

Not to mention the MENTAL BEATINGS I put myself through - no one could bring themselves into the muck of despair like I could...I told myself I was
Undesirable in every way

So I tried (unsuccessfully for years) to
哈 not eat
be noticed by others in any way possible (I actually almost let someone value my worth for an $80 pair of shoes - but that's for another story)
菊 cut food up into little bites so I could trick myself into thinking I was actually eating a meal
get all of the "pretty girls" to be my friend so I'd have some street cred
ignore that I woke up most days feeling sad, anxious and like my life didn't matter

I judged myself based on
how many compliments I could get about "not eating a lot"
how many likes I could get on social media
how many pictures I could post on facebook showing me "living my best life" and getting comments telling me I was a good mom, wife, person

Regardless at the end of the day I consistently went to bed thinking I was
a fake

Now at this point some of you may be thinking wow she must not have a family who loves her, a spouse who adores her or any friends.....and I would say you are WRONG on all counts - I grew up in a loving home surrounded by family who told me I mattered, I have a spouse who has told me for 27 years how beautiful I am, I have amazing friends who support me each and every day.

So why did I feel this way??? Because I (Jennifer) was not telling myself anything but the 宜 stories. I only saw what I told myself regardless of what others said and did. I spent day after day sitting in the mud puddle telling myself I was unworthy. And it SUCKED.

So here's the truth of the matter - I didn't make ANY progress until I decided to take back my life. And girlfriend let me tell you I did that in a BIG WAY - I lost 50 pounds and have maintained that weight loss for 25 years. Now you might think well of course you have, you are a dietitian so you know how. And that's true but here's the tricky part - we are our own worst enemies so yes I lost the 50 pounds but I didn't find true happiness until 2 years ago.

I had to

work on my emotional well being and be honest with myself
蛛儭 stop hiding from how I was feeling and own my thoughts
丐 clean up the energy around and inside me so I could actually not feel like I was wallowing in a mud bath every day
stop waiting until the perfect time to focus on me

In other words I had to develop my own method of not only losing weight 25 years ago but maintaining it and feeling like the whole kick A#$ woman I am uniquely and divinely made to be.

How do I do this?

弘 by following the Menopause Breakthrough Method that I teach to other women
弘 by putting myself first by prioritizing physical movement
弘 by loving myself as much as I love my kids (if you know me you know that's A LOT!)
弘 by letting the love of others support and encourage me when I'm down (yes progress over perfection ladies)
弘 by making sure I am physically, spiritually and emotionally aligned

So now it's your turn ladies - please don't let this story go unnoticed. If ANY PART of my story resonates with you let's talk. I would be honored to help you find YOUR next chapter - you are beautifully and wonderfully made my friend - time to spread those wings.

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