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Lets Skip Ahead 3 months from now

Imagine yourself feeling happy, excited and tuned in again. You can feel good again, you can lose the Menopause weight but you can't stay stuck where you are and just keep "waiting" for the right time. The "right time" is Now!

What The Menopause Breakthrough Method Looks Like

It Starts With You

In our time together we:

establish a personalized wellness plan – going way beyond traditional “diets” and digging into the root causes of the weight gain – physical issues, emotional setbacks and what is keeping you stuck.  We focus on building a community of women to help you navigate YOUR best wellness plan while never feeling isolated or alone.   

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Don't just take it from me

Meet Candi – a menopausal women in her 50’s.  She started the Menopause Breakthrough Method exactly where most of you are – feeling defeated, tired and “over it.”  Today she is happier, healthier and doing things she hasn’t done in YEARS!  Listen to her story – it’s a good one!


You know this is right for you if...

    • you have tried all of the “diets” and nothing is working
    • you just want to be able to get through the day without feeling like you need a nap every few hours
    • you want to be a part of the fun
    • you want to feel like yourself again
    • you are tired of hearing “it’s just menopause, you just have to get through it”
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What if you...

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❤️lost weight
❤️woke up happier
❤️lost the anxiety
❤️Love your body again

The solution you've been waiting for is here