1:1 Coaching Programs: By Jennifer Gilliland Nutrition, LLC

What is it like to work 1:1 with Jennifer?

It Starts With You

In our time together we:

establish a personalized wellness plan – going way beyond traditional “diets” and digging into the root causes of the weight gain – physical issues, emotional setbacks and what is keeping you stuck.  We focus on YOU.  This isn’t a “one size fits all” plan.  It is focused on treating YOUR symptoms, improving YOUR health and focusing on getting you the long term results YOU are looking for.  No more yo yo ing with your weight and emotional health.  

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Welcome to Beyond the Scale Nutrition!!!!!  I’m Jennifer Gilliland and I could not be happier that you are on this Menopause journey with me! 

You know this is right for you if...

  • you have been told you are “in Menopause” and you “just have to get through it”
  • you’ve lost the weight, regained it, lost it, you know the cycle
  • you are tired of “starving yourself” as a meal planning tool
  • you want to actually enjoy food again
  • you are tired of feeling frumpy, old and irritable 
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What if you...

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❤️fit into your clothes comfortably again
❤️slept through the night
❤️felt less irritable
❤️Enjoyed life again

The solution you've been waiting for is here

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2 Month Program

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4 Month Program

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6 Month Program