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What Can I Help You With?

Belly Fat?

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Weight Loss?



How We Help You Drop Pounds Fast

1 on 1s

We walk side by side to achieve your lifestyle transformation to lose weight, decrease belly fat, increase energy and confidence and get back to spending time on the things you love about life. As a registered dietitian and counselor I have the tools to help you lose weight safely and effectively.

Unlimited Support

I know life can be challenging. I want you to be supported in between our appointments together so I offer unlimited support in between appointments so you never feel alone as you work on your transformation.

Group Coaching

Women need other women to support and encourage them. I developed my signature group program - The Menopause Breakthrough Method - to do just that. We share information, ask questions, encourage each other and provide steadfast accountability. All to help you reach your maximum potential and live the life you dream of living.

What Our Clients Think

All of the quotes are from Menopause Group Members

“Oh my goodness! Jennifer that was absolutely phenomenal. You all literally don't understand. I literally called my friend right after and said "this is ordained and perfect timing" Thank you so much for sharing the information, for making it so freeing. I am so thankful for you and what you bring to this group! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You just don't even understand. I can't even put it into words right now. It was phenomenal and I can't wait until the rest of the sessions.”

"Jennifer gave me some solid advice a couple weeks ago to just listen to my body. I've been working out hard, making good food choices but only eating when I am hungry. I am totally toned, and I've lost inches according to my clothes and my friends! Most important, I feel terrific. Non scale victory for me :)".

"Most proud of my ability to only have 1 glass of wine and one plate of food at my Sister's Thanksgiving feast today. Usually I leave there completely stuffed. Today I was just pleasantly full :)."

Why Should I Join?

This Course is PERFECT for people who:

  • Want to lose stubborn menopause weight 
  • Feel exhausted, drained, and discouraged
  • Have tried everything with no long-lasting results

Still not Convinced?

Tell you what, if you aren’t satisfied after a 30 days of taking action on your health journey, We’ll give you your money back. Zero questions asked.


This is IT. This will be the moment you look back on as the time right before your life changed FOREVER. Act now and change or do nothing and stay the same.

Even More Reviews

"You speak to us with such authenticity. Not only do you bring knowledge, but you speak truth to us. That truth is divinely spoken. Working with you is truly life changing."

"I had to run an errand and while I was out I noticed that I was actually getting hungry. I didn't want to stop and grab fast food so I came back home and had lunch and paid attention to how the food tasted and quit when I was satisfied."

"It's a feeling of freedom I've never had before and I rather like it."

"So many things that were mentioned that were eye opening. It was super powerful for me. Every single person on the zoom call had a question pertaining to menopause. It's not really talked about - it just proves that this information is so needed and so relevant. Thank you so much Jennifer."


How I became The Menopause Dietitian

Welcome!  I am Jennifer Gilliland, aka The Menopause Dietitian👩🧘‍♀️🥗😀😍! I have been a registered Dietitian and Counselor for over 20 years and I’m super pumped that you found my website and decided to take a look around.  There is A LOT of information online about nutrition and menopause and I’m grateful for the opportunity to break things down for you a bit to help you achieve ALL of your nutrition GOALS and get back to living your life healthier and happier than EVER!

You are definitely in the RIGHT place if you: 
❤️ have heard “You are in menopause and you just have to get through it!”
❤️ are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
❤️ struggle to find the energy to get through the day
❤️ are gaining weight even though you eat the same way you have for a while
❤️ have “tried everything” and still feel stuck in the same diet cycle
I have worked with women just like you in nutrition coaching for over 20 YEARS. My passion is working with WOMEN in the perimenopause/menopause stage of life because I have seen TOO many women get STUCK in the diet cycle and wake up every day to the same feelings of OVERWHELM, FATIGUE and DEFEAT.
I am on a MISSION to help menopausal women get their HEALTH as well as their GROOVE back! 
When you work with me we will work together to:
👉 INCREASE  your physical movement
👉 IMPROVE your sleep 
👉 DECREASE anxiety/stress
I have helped countless women just like you – now it’s YOUR turn!  When women work together GREAT things happen! Thank you for being here! It is truly an honor to walk this journey with YOU❤️